Zilla & Block Beattaz – Book Of Trill EP

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A great EP from Zilla here, short and sweet with some amazing production from The Block Beattaz. While the whole thing is strong (it’s only 6 tracks), ‘Day By Day’ (Track 5) kinda blew my mind. It’s a phenomenal song, one of the best I’ve ever heard from Zilla and one of the best Block Beattaz productions on recent memory. It exemplifies much of what drew me to the Huntsville scene to begin with – a strong and personable rapper, an unusually structured arrangement, production that uses classic southern staples to create something a little different, local talent tapped to assist for maximum impact – i.e. the key formula for SMS success.
It’s good to see SMS guys branch out a bit and succeed at higher levels of the industry, but it’s even better to hear them making something like this back on the home front, with the old team.


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