Zeroh – awfulalterations (mixtape)

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I’ve become a fan of Zeroh after catching up with his 3 previous mixtapes during the last month or so, this guy is good at the abstract/artsy rap thing. He is progressively minded and prone to experementation, so not all of his music completely ‘works’ for me; but on first listen this latest tape has far more hits than misses. It might be the most consistent one I’ve heard from him yet.

For far more eloquent description of what Zeroh does and some background info, go here and here. I generally agree with Noz’s Shabazz Palaces comparison, although I think Zeroh’s music sounds rawer and more immediate, almost spontaneous (which logically translates into a less polished sound.)

Some samples:



DOWNLOAD: Zeroh – awfulalterations (mixtape)

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