Young Dro – On Set Ft. Decatur Slim (Prod By DJ Burn One)

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First single from the Ralph Lauren Reefa mixtape. A little context for this courtesy of The Fader’s interview with Dj Burn One (published today):

Tell me a little about this forthcoming Young Dro tape. We linked back up through my homie and decided to go and do another tape. It’s ten songs, I produced two of them. I think at the end of the year we’re gonna follow it up with a full project that I’m producing. Dro’s another guy who, with the right focus and someone with the right vision behind him, could be amazing. He’s a raw talent. We’re gonna try to get him re-entered into the different sound that we’re coming with, kinda like with Lito’s Mental Warfare. I had five songs on there and I’m doing his new album too.


via DGB

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