Yo Gotti: Origins

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As Memphis’ Yo Gotti stands on the precipice of mainstream super stardom, now is a great time to familiarize yourself with his early material. While “5 Star Bitch”, his Cocaine Music mixtape series and the forthcoming Live From The Kitchen will serve as Yo Gotti’s introduction to large portion of his future fan base, the guy has been putting out records for a decade-plus.

Since the 90s, Memphis Rap has been littered with Three 6 Mafia copycats and wanna be Eightballs. Yo Gotti graduated from a different, less commercially successful school, following in the stylistic footsteps of guys like Al Kapone, Kingpin Skinny Pimp and Gangsta Blac. On his early records, Gotti was an unabashed hustler, barely expanding through the “real rap” universe save for a couple cliche tracks about his Mom. While still rough and raw as an artist, Gotti has always been able to write great songs. Whether it be tales of robbery, sexual braggadocio or violent indictments of the police, Yo Gotti always took care to craft his lyrics around concepts and his execution was usually on point. Gotti’s later studio albums would suffer, in my opinion, from a lack of an identity and a desire to fit into what was working at the time. His first two albums benefited from less lofty ambitions, allowing Yo Gotti to shine.

2000’s From Da Dope Game 2 Da Rap Game is all Memphis all the time. The 808s are unrelenting and there are more than enough crunk chorus chants to tear down any night spot’s infrastructure. Lyrically, Gotti is unseasoned, but again, his songwriting ability shines. “Gucci Down” is a baller anthem that gives us a preview of some of the New Orleans influence that Gotti would run with.


1. “Intro” – 0:28
2. “Wildin'” – 3:32
3. “Violated” – 3:50
4. “Rebellious Nigga” – 4:53
5. “Rev. Grip” – 0:36
6. “Have You Heard About ‘Em” – 3:55
7. “Criticize” – 3:12
8. “After I Fuck” – 4:25
9. “Snakes” – 1:50
10. “Mack Maine Supreme” – 1:24
11. “South Side West Side” – 4:14
12. “Don’t Play No Games” – 5:38
13. “Police In Thug Clothin'” – 4:57
14. “Just Cuz I’m a Young Nigga” – 4:31
15. “I Got Love” – 3:19
16. “Gucci Down” – 3:50
17. “Bet U Can’t Do What We Do” – 3:56


Gotti’s next studion effort, 2001’s Self-Explanatory, continued the common themes from his first but with a much more polished sound and some changes to his flow. With a clear Magnolia influence in tow, Gotti’s lyrics, while still consice, started to grow in scope and complexity. He had more fun with the Memphis blueprint on this album while staying true to the city’s sounds. Self-Explanatory is Yo Gotti at his finest.


1. “Intro” – 0:33
2. “Go Gotti Go” (Feat. Playa Fly) – 2:57
3. “Slash” (Feat. Block Burnaz) – 5:15
4. “Young Nigga Thuggin'” – 4:00
5. “Wanna Play” – 5:00
6. “Move” – 5:31
7. “Life Is a Thug” – 3:01
8. “Fuck Your Bitch (Remix)” – 4:01
9. “Toss That Bitch” (Feat. Bossy Lady) – 4:22
10. “Street Talk (Skit)” – 2:03
11. “Gotti This, Gotti That” (Feat. T-Stit) – 2:54
12. “So What U Workin’ Out” – 4:47
13. “One Day U Comin’ Home” – 4:51
14. “World War III” – 4:24
15. “Broke & Disgusted” – 6:03
16. “Hard to Believe” (Feat. D’Nero & Ms. V-Dawg) – 3:58
17. “Can’t Stop Me Now” – 3:36
18. “Sweet Mama” – 5:36


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