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Today’s (pretty decent) Rick & Rae team up got me thinking about this far superior Rick & Rae combination. As a friend of mine always points out, starting at around the 1:50 mark Rae breaks into such a heady stream of free associations and non-sequiturs that Rick has no choice but to cheer him on with stunned ‘yeah yeah yeah yeah’ from somewhere in the background.

DOWNLOAD: Slick Rick – Frozen

Then of course there’s this, even more appropriate since Molasses also features Ghost.

DOWNLOAD: Ghostface Killa – The Sun ft Slick Rick, Raekwon, RZA

BONUS FEATURES: I always wondered where this ‘so-so beat’ that Slick Rick made monstrous originated. Turns out it samples a piece of Bill Conti’s OST from For Your Eyes Only. The sample is at about 20 seconds in.

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