YayoDancing Presents: Riff Raff ‘The Rice Emperor’

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The Mista Masta/Big Pic H-Town Hobgoblin aspect of Riff Raff’s shtick has me sold. Check “Larry Bird” to see what I mean. Throwed Savant. Dude has the style down. Phat Shoutz to the fine gents over at YayoDancing for liberating these costly .mp3s

So, there’s no good Riff Raff mixtapes on the internet. I mean there is, but they’re on iTunes, and paying for all of them would cost most of us at least half of our paychecks. Riff Raff’s mixtapes are sporadic and inconsistent to say the least, which is why all of the videos he’s done within the past few months have been songs from various stages in his career. I decided to do everyone a solid, as someone who actually purchased most of Riff Raff’s music; I decided to make a Best Of-style mixtape thus far. What follows will be a very strange, very #obtuse journey into the mind of one crazy redneck. Tracklist is as follows:

1. Larry Bird
2. Juice
3. Jose Canseco (feat. Fat Pimp)
4. Graveyard Music (G5 Kid Murph)
5. Lil B (feat. G5 Kid Murph)
6. Certified Worldstar
7. I C U
8. I Shoulda Brought The Rice Out
9. Swamp (feat. TKO Capone)
10. Walter Payton
11. Apple Berry
12. Coogi (feat. TKO Capone)
13. Super Bowl Rings
14. Cold Cup


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