Yarrow Slaps – Toast II The Grind (Mixtape)

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First full mixtape I’ve heard from Yarrow after enjoying a number of loose tracks. The majority of the tape showcases exactly what I like about his music – classic Cali indie style updated for 2011. Simply put, the dude can rap and he has a knack for finding a good balance between the old and the new schools. This makes him potentially more appealing than some of his more leftfield/experimental contemporaries, but also elevates him above the scores of safe and boring Project Blowed/Freestyle Fellowship/Hiero knock-offs. Which is a good thing of course.
Yarrow’s ability to make songs with a truly positive outlook deserves special mention, very few artists are able to pull this off without coming across as corny and overbearing. Thematically he sometimes gets close to Lil B’s #verybased #verypositive aspirations, except that Yarrow is a far far more skilled MC and so he kinda does it better.
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