Wisemen – Thirsty Fish ft Raekwon (prod by Bronze Nazareth)

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At this point the appeal of most Wu Affiliate (or in this case Wu Affiliate Affiliate) work lies in a certain sense of familiarity akin to the appeal of stereotypical genre movies. You already know the rogue badass cop will avenge the death of his wife and/or partner, you already know the bloodthirsty creature will get blown up within microinches of swallowing the protagonist whole, you already know the clumsy student will miraculously learn the secret kungfu style in a matter of 5 minutes and beat the living shit of the bad guys that killed his master. You know it and you look forward to it – going down the checklist of tropes that originally attracted you to the genre becomes almost as appealing as their actual execution. It’s the same with Wu Affliates. Their style has crystalized over the years, it’s rarely changed or updated. By now you know what to expect, its all a road well traveled, but that’s why you check for their music in the first place. Obviously the previous sentence assumes you still check for their music at all, if that’s the case you will enjoy this song.

BTW, following the above movie analogy, I suppose the Rae guest spot is roughly equivalent to a cameo by lets say Rutger Hauer, or Sonny Chiba (fighting role!) or Christopher Lee. Those are always good.

DOWNLOAD: Wisemen – Thirsty Fish ft Raekwon (prod by Bronze Nazareth)

The song is taken from the upcoming Wisemen album Children Of A Lesser God.

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