Willie Isz – The Grustle (LV remix)

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Not the LV of the Gangsta’s Paradise fame, that would’ve been something.

The original version of this song went far off the beaten rap path into the dangerous wilds where crunked leprechauns danced merry jigs at renaissance themed freaknicks. It was interesting and different and fun to listen to, but progressive experimentation doesn’t always lend itself to extensive replay value and after a little while I got tired of it.

This remix trades aural innovation for safe dubbed out stoned easy listening pleasures, with a reggae oriented sound that is almost geometrically opposite of the original. The result is the kind of song that works best thrown into a midst of a larger playlist. You probably wont purposely go right to it over and over as you turn on your ipod, but you’ll likely enjoy the shit out of it when it randomly pops up amongst similarly laid back fare.

Willie Isz – The Grustle (LV Remix)

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