Will Jay Electronica Disappoint Us?

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Will Jay Electronica Disappoint Us?

Hear me out before you get it twisted. I am not writing this in any malicious way whatsoever. In fact, Jay has immediately jumped to the top of my favorites in the game list and I can say without hesitation he is the most anticipated emcee I want an album from save for Mr. 3000.

A few years ago not many people knew of Jay Elec. Many, like myself dismissed him for the esoteric name. If you weren’t apart of the ?uestlove circle of friends you might not have even heard of Jay until these past years. First adored by the OKP heads and now adored by all. It’s almost the cool thing to do in hip-hop these days. If you aren’t co-signing Jay you aren’t co-signing real hip-hop, right? Just ask Puffy.

So all this sudden support, success, love, fame and anticipation has got me thinking back when Common was just Common Sense. See Common was one of those lyricists that had something special (still does to an extent) but shortly after he signed to the major his career took a weird turn. You can’t hate somebody for wanting to better themselves. Can’t hate them for making crazy money like Common (now listed entertainer and not rapper in Wikipedia), but you can be disappointed with them. Common made his best music prior to the sudden fame. His best album (Resurrection) but once the Pharrells, Puffys and Mary Js came knocking Common lost his sense. Lost the desire. Lost the ability to rip a track to shreds on a consistent basis. Lost his focus. Lost his true fan base. He followed Will Smith and Cube and that’s alright but he lost the rest of us by doing so. He removed NO I.D. from speed-dial and added Jeremy Piven instead.

When fame hits, it hits you hard. Look no further than the career of Nas. Not everybody handles fame well, especially if they’ve been shunned most of their artistic career. Jay Electronica isn’t Nas, but guess what? He’s probably the closest thing to him. Just like the Nas to Ra comparisons, well Jay Electronica has that hunger. He has the ability to completely dismantle a verse that’ll force you to print up t-shirts or provide with lengthy discussions about what the fuck he just said and why did it sound so cool when he said it.

Yeah that’s Jay Elect; smooth voice, charismatic, intelligent and most importantly a dope emcee. Isn’t that what we’ve all been waiting on?

So you’re probably asking what is the problem with this equation. Nothing yet but we all know things don’t last forever. Ultimately we’re more disappointed than satisfied in music. And we don’t know how Jay will handle this new life(style) that he never had a taste of.  The White parties at Puffy’s house. The sudden Hot 97 constant rotation (Angie Yee), the 66K  followers on Twitter. The newest version of a true 2-man group (Gang Starr) along side with Just Blaze.  And of course the lovely Badu. Come on now, I’m a huge Erykah Badu fan but D.O.C., Andre 3000, Common, I think one of those Dead Prez guys and now Jay. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with Badu but the woman has some Screamin’ Jay Hawkins thing going on.

Years ago I used to joke around and say I was “gay for Ghostface” because that dude saved hip-hop for me. Everything he touched was flames. He was the one, but in 2010 Jay is now the one, at least until Andre figures out his shit and returns full-time. Still, being 2nd to Dre ain’t a bad thing at all. I just hope with all the sudden attention, popular co-signs, record label negations and long delays between Exhibits we just get the Jay Electronica we’ve all been waiting for. –Philaflava

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