Why the fuss over Iron Solomon?

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I kill time two ways these days: Cigarette smoking and battle videos. While I’m admittedly behind the curve on the intricacies and politics associated with this new crop of meta-battle rappers who seemingly spend the entirety of their days concocting rehashed punchlines dealing with homosexuality, penis envy and financial status, I don’t get the hubbub following this Iron Solomon dude. Granted, you’d be hard pressed to find any living human who is able to differentiate one screaming-at-the-top-of-his-lungs battle circuit superstar from another. But this guy’s warrior appeal escapes me. He reminds of a wannabe-brolic Adeem circa-Scribble Jam ’99.

Additionally, why doesn’t this guy have an album out? I’ve searched Google and Amazon and the most I drudged up was a guest appearance on an Illmaculate song. Obviously high-stakes battle rapping is lucrative, but at some point wouldn’t you want to take your reputation and turn it into an album?

Iron Solomon VS Jin from Executive Nick on Vimeo.

Can anyone tell me what differentiates this guy from an Okwerdz or a Mac Lethal or a The Saurus or a Dizaster?


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