White Rapper Re-EMvolution

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Say what you will about crackers and their affected styles, this one has a certain je ne sais quoi. Do I think he’ll be the next Eminem? Nah. He might be the next Paul Wall circa ’04, but Yelawolf knows how to play to the crowd(s). In one on one interview settings he could come off like an English major from Auburn State. In others where he’s surrounded by his rap peers he comes off like your local Wal-Mart stock boy with a little sag and swag borrowed from watching too many episodes of 227. Either way I’m a fan of Yela and I think behind good production and a little guidance he could deliver an album worthy of your attention. Here is a glimpse of Yelawolf doing what he does best. And before you tell me about his Native American roots, if this was 1992 he’d be Reginald “Muthafuckin’ Denny to most people. If the race draft ever happened best believe us saltines are drafting Yelawolf in the first round. –Philaflava

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