Watch How The People Dancing – Unity Sounds From The London Dancehall 86-89

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Warm weather hit the North East this weekend like a mid-coital slap from a big breasted girl riding on top. As these things usually go, the sunshine forced me to lift the self-imposed winter reggae ban in favor of some irie shit. This was the specific irie shit I chose for the occasion.

The title pretty much says it all – this is a collection of obscure British dancehall singles released on the Unity Sounds label in the mid-late 80s. Deceptively simple digital production dictates the sound, these producers amply demonstrate how some bass and Casio drums can go a loooong way. The singing and the toasting is not too shabby either. Parallels to early electro Hip-Hop are easily apparent, as are the influences on later permutations of ragga. As usual with these things, versions are included.

A few samples:

Selah Collins – Pick a sound

Richie Davis – Lean Boots

Kennie Knots – Ring my number


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