Vox Mod – Iridescent Asteroid Mists (feat. Palaceer Lazaro Of Shabazz Palaces)

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Just as my Shabazz Palaces withdrwal was starting to reach ‘babies crawling on ceilings’ levels, I come across this new slice of space-age oddity. Producer Vox Mod’s beat is a little bit more electronic than usual for SP but it works, and Palaceer Lazaro (Ish) is in as fine a form here as ever.

BONUS Points: A worthwhile but not exactly essential remix of SP’s ‘Recollections of the wraith’ by their label mates Helio Sequence. For some idiotic reason it’s not embeddable:
Shabazz Palaces – Recollections of the wraith [(Lean) Helio Sequence Remix]
Even more good news, Shabazz Palaces are going on tour.

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