VIDEO: thekeenone – Shine (Prod by Fredwreck)

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Our good friend Keen, out and about and enjoying the weather, possibly scouting extras for a ‘post-OC’ remake of Point Break

Finally. FUCKINGFINALLYNOMOREXANAX (ok thats a lie).
Jon Buch and I ran around Venice on a regular weekend at the end of April, equipped with a camera each and illicit substances and shot this video. No plans. No staged scenes. Just a “this is what the fuck happens, let us show you.”
The track is called SHINE, produced by my pal Fredwreck. Look him up. Also, my Paki homie Adil Omar is on this as well and even made the trip to Venice to be in the vid. Shouts to Blue, Alchemist, Julian, Willy, Skye, Sichy Nichy, Jay Adams, Asher Bradshaw, Primo, Jamie Quintance, and everyone else who has a cameo in the vid- we had a blast taping. Also props to the puppy who ran shit on the beach.
Please watch, enjoy, reblog, post to your facebooks- help me spread this little piece of art that me and my best friends made on a random weekend in Venice.
“when the sun don’t shine, i don’t pay no mind
i’m a find my life in the midst of it all, no tricks up my sleeve
i believe that’s all…”

thekeenone – SHINE (Feat. Adil Omar, Prod. by Fredwreck) by thekeenone

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