VIDEO: thekeenone – Legal drug addict (Produced by DJ Starscream)

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thekeenone aka Mama Keen is talented chick and a friend of ours (salut!) This is the video for her single Legal Drug Addict, an ode to a subject my brain and nostrils recall with a mixture of nostalgia and self-disgust. It was directed with unnerving jumpy flair by Jon Buch.

Is it weird that I got flashes of the girls in the background whipping me with yoyo’s while wearing stiletto heeled thigh high boots?

You can buy the single on Itunes and Amazon. You can also visit for more info about Keen and some merch (custom Chucks, tshirts, etc.) Some pics of the swag are below.

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  1. […] homie Keen is a talented rapper in her own right, check out her video that we posted here. There’s more Keen to go around on her own site You can buy her music on Itunes […]

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