VIDEO: The Niyat – Love Birds & Lullabyes ft. B-Boy and Tabu / Henchmen ft. B-Boy

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A new video for an oldish Niyat song popped up today on Rappers I Know, which got me digging around youtube looking for any new material from the group I might’ve missed and eventually led me to find the two (new to me at least) songs you see above and below. Which got me thinking that The Niyat needs to put out more new music in general – these guys remind me of things that were good about indy rap around the turn of the century while managing to avoid most of the pitfalls of the same time period.

The video on Rappers I Know is for a song from The Niyat’s underrated Raxus Prime Mixtape, which to my knowledge was their last collective release. You should go get it here if you never heard it, it’s pretty damn good.

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