VIDEO: Sonny Chiba’s ‘The Street Fighter’ (Used For Ski Beatz’ 24hr Karate School 2 Previews)

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So the new video preview for Ski’s 24hr Karate School 2 making the rounds today uses clips from Sonny Chiba’s Street Fighter, the trailer for which you see above. Clips from the same movie were also used in the video for Ski’s/STS’ ‘Moon Walking’ video. Personally, I feel like they maybe could’ve done a little more with this footage beyond just cutting/pasting random clips, but this is only a preview and just the fact that they’re using the movie is great in itself. So I’ll quit my bitching.

To dig in a little deeper, today’s album preview is also sound-tracked by the theme from the same movie, augmented with some tweaks likely courtesy of Ski himself. Here is the original version of the theme if you’re curious:

DOWNLOAD: The Street Fighter – Theme

Here is the coupe de grace: via the twin wonders of internet and public domain you can actually watch this whole movie on Youtube, in correct aspect ratio, with about A- video quality. Even better, it’s not even split into parts, you can watch the whole 1hr 30mins of it in one shot without having to click on anything else. If you have even a passing interest in these kinds of movies and haven’t seen this one yet, I suggest you go watch it immediately. It’s easily one of the greatest entries into the more exploitative side of the martial arts genre, with Chiba’s character being one of the most ruthless anti-hero’s ever created. To give you a brief idea, within the first 10 minutes Chiba sells a woman into prostitution because she didn’t pay for the asswhooping she hired him to do. And that’s just barely scratching the surface.

I embedded the movie below the jump, or you can just click on this sentence or the above paragraph to watch it directly on youtube. Enjoy.

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