VIDEO: Scaramanga – Shallah Magnetic

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This popped up on youtube two days ago courtesy of the man himself. I’ve never seen it before, I’ve never even seen a mention of it anywhere. It seems unlikely that it’s new, but if Scara did actually film a new video for a 13 y/o song… well that would be pretty amazing.

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2 Responses to “VIDEO: Scaramanga – Shallah Magnetic”

  1. verge says:

    Yeah I think in that other interview video or whatever from recent, he said he was gonna put out videos for certain old joints. not positive, but i think it’s new footage. DOpe, thanks.

  2. Hump Jones says:

    HELL YESH. Man, this used to be my JAM back in the Jesus Eatus days…we bumped this album on repeat and went road fishing with vodka tonics in nalgene bottles. But so did everyone else in Vermont, right?

    Looks like he recorded it back in the day because Sir Menelik is looking a lot older these days…maybe I just saw that cat on a hungover day, though.

    Thanks for this, you got me searching for the album.

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