VIDEO: Rittz – White Jesus

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Rittz – White Jesus from Matt Swinsky on Vimeo.

Wow, Chopin’s ‘Funeral March’ + visuals reminiscent of live action anime (the Japanese narration likely responsible for my mind making that particular connection) + recurring morphing patterns that usually signal the mushrooms kicking in + Yela reviving the preacher role he played so well on ‘Looking For Alien Love’. Very nice. And that’s not even accounting for the song itself being dope.

This video feels like a spiritual cousin to G-Side’s ‘Inner Circle’ video, although it’s far more unexpected. Spacey outre experimentation is big part of G-Side’s m.o., of what makes them so unique and appealing. The ‘Inner Circle’ video shouldn’t have been a surprise as I think it represents a natural and necessary progression of their visual representation. Rittz on the other hand never struck me as afflicted with this particular brand of madness, I never associated his music with anything resembling this kind of imagery. And it works well for him. Kudos to both of these acts for taking these stylistic chances.

Now that you’ve seen this, go download Rittz’s White Jesus album over at DJBooth.

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