VIDEO: Redman – White People Are Rioting Freestyle

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A. I still believe Redman never really fell off. He made some poor choices, but never completely lost whatever ‘it’ he had. He can still rap, and not just in that diminished returns ‘god bless him for still trying’ kind of way that many of his contemporaries plateaued into.
B. I suspect that given proper production, promotion and a bit of luck Redman could have the kind of resurgence Juicy J has been enjoying. I feel like the younger generation would support him too, especially the new New York guys. It’s not really that hard to imagine a good Redman & Action Bronson collaboration for example. Don’t forget that Red was one of the original weed rappers, also one of the first to incorporate psychedelic elements into his music.
props to Employee for the heads up

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7 Responses to “VIDEO: Redman – White People Are Rioting Freestyle”

  1. Gregg Popabitch says:

    Redman hasn’t lost a step. The man can still bring it.

  2. steadybloggin says:

    The two that come to mind immediately are Outfit Tx’s Cooly Fooly Space Funk (released earlier this year), and Main Attrakionz’ Chandelier (from last year). I know there are more, but those two come to mind first probably because I liked them the most.

  3. Sam says:

    Come to think of it, Miykah Nyin9e and several other Project Blowed definitely deserved a nod there as well. I guess I was only thinking “Northeastern whiteboy psych” at the time.

  4. Sam says:

    It only focused on one album in particular, but sure thing:

    Edan’s Beauty and the Beat and Aesop Rock’s Bazooka Tooth were the other “landmark releases” I mentioned.

    Just out of curiosity, which newer albums, if any, would you include if we were to compile say a “psych rap essentials” list?

  5. steadybloggin says:

    Drop a link to that write up in the comments here, could be useful for the sake of general context

  6. Sam says:

    Word, shortly after writing soething earlier in the year that mentioned seminal psych rap releases, I realized I’d left out Dare iz a Darkside – a glaring omission I’ve been kicking myself for since. This track is defintely some of his best I’ve heard of him in some time.

  7. KYU says:

    Fuck the “new” New York guys. Redman is a legend. These “new” guys are mish mash of other rappers, all style no content.

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