VIDEO: Nacho Picasso – Numbnuts (prod. by BSBD)

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Nacho Picasso – Numbnuts – ( Blue Sky Black Death ) from Blue Sky Black Death on Vimeo.

Much better that one would expect from a song called ‘Numbnuts’. Nacho is a funny dude (kinda has to be with that name), BSBD continues to do no wrong in 2011. I need an mp3 of this asap. The song will be featured on Nacho’s upcoming For The Glory

UPDATE: Bringing this back as there is now an MP3 available via bandcamp:

Thanks to the BSBD guys for the heads up on that.

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3 Responses to “VIDEO: Nacho Picasso – Numbnuts (prod. by BSBD)”

  1. Blast says:

    This is sweeeeeet

  2. steadybloggin says:

    thanks for the heads up, the bsbd guys just hit me off with the same link

  3. fomenter says:

    I needed it too and found it here:

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