VIDEO: Mortal Kombat: Legacy Ep. 1

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You may remember the mysterious Mortal Kombat Rebirth video, it got tons of attention and well deserved praise about a year ago (we posted it here). Now comes a live action web series based on the same premise as that clip – a darker, grittier take on the Mortal Kombat mythology.

The first episode is up, and while it’s not quite mindblowing it does show lot of promise. There is not much of actual Mortal Kombat-ing here, but the lack is excusable since the aim of this episode is clearly to provide groundwork for further story development. The look is suitably stylized with a bit of grain, the direction is fluid and the editing style will work well for showcasing hand-to-hand action. The gunfight staging is a bit loose, but I doubt the series will feature much of it anyway. Involving the considerable talents of Michael Jai White (aka Black Dynamite) as Jax and Darren Shahlavi (aka that while guy from Ip Man 2) as Kano is a great idea, as is providing some back story for their ‘special’ attributes. Unfortunately we don’t get a blowout confrontation between the two in this installment, I’m guessing it will happen further on. The fights are choreographed by Larnell Stovall, the man responsible for the amazing Undisputed 3, so I’m fairly confident the series will deliver in that regard.

Further episodes will be posted (weekly?) via the Michinima youtube channel, if the quality persists I’m guessing you’ll see them pop up here too.

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