VIDEO: Mondre M.A.N. x Joe Blow – Fresh

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Not sure if anybody but the MAz core audience noticed this, but Mondre has really progressed as a rapper since the group first popped up on the radar.

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3 Responses to “VIDEO: Mondre M.A.N. x Joe Blow – Fresh”

  1. […] whole thing yet tbh, but the few I clicked on were very nice. The great collab with Joe Blow which dropped in video form recently is included, there’s a kinda-accidental-kinda-on-purpose Ghostface homage-interpolation on […]

  2. tonyG says:

    i love this, i want to hear them with the jacka again. Husalah too

  3. Todd Curtis says:

    Yeah, he is my favorite of the duo, and some of his lines on Cloudd Packk and From Da Lo-Fi Railroad are fantastic. I eat up that flow.

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