VIDEO: LaJIT – Scattered Brains

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Another good video from LaJit, this one with twisted concept. In his own words:

In this video I’m a man who just wants a psychologist type figure. Someone who will listen to me. Since I’m clearly not right in the head, I kidnap people, and I make them listen to me. When I kidnap this girl, she fights back like anyone would, and I finally get tired of it. I have had enough of people not wanting to listen to me. That’s when I decide to off myself. I make her look, because that’s my way of telling her that it’s her fault, because I just wanted her to listen to me.

The song was produced by BrainGangBlue, the video was directed by Lely of TrueHappiMess. You can download the song and the rest of The Black Sun ep via Bandcamp.

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