VIDEO: G-Side – Came Up Ft. S.L.A.S.H. (Dir. by Deno Terrorteno)

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Magical realism, that’s what’s going on here. A blending of documentary styled Huntsville imagery with subtle touches of the strange and the quasi-mythical. The real transcending into something more, something otherworldly and ominous (pause at the 1:12 mark, you’ll see what I mean). Which meshes well with the what we get on the album itself – a juxtaposition of the gritty with the etherial. Consider the omnipresent violinists as both muses and an instrumental version of a greek chorus.

Check out G-Side’s The One… Cohesive album here in its entirety if you need to catch up.

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  1. steadybloggin says:

    Deno you killed this, kudos. great video


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