G-Side – Back 2 tha Future (prod. by R.Dot): Special 4 Day Anniversary Expanded Reissue Post With Bonus Features

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New G-Side video for a brand new track produced by R.Dot aka The Intern and released via his blog. Props to him for doing well in what I imagine to be a somewhat daunting situation.

Filmed at the new SMS studio in Hunstville, which kinda looks like the opening scene of Belly.

As promised, I’m bumping this back to the top because there’s now an MP3 courtesy of Codie G. Click below for some thoughts on this song and some BONUS NEW SMS-related swag.

DOWNLOAD: G-Side – Back 2 Tha Future

This might be my favorite G-Side track released since Huntsville International. Both Clova and ST take their respective approaches about as far as they could logically be extended without falling to self-parody. Clova has always sounded somewhat spacey, but here his mellow delivery and whispery softened cadence are exaggerated to a point where his DHAAAAAAM resembles an asteroid whooshing through the Milky Way. At the opposite of the spectrum ST dials his usual immediacy up to an almost mechanical staccato (at 1:44ish he just goes to full-on robot voice). He enunciates strongly, adding even more punch to some of the line-ending vowels for an effect similar to the KAPAOW! inserts in the old Batman TV show. This disparity between their styles creates an interesting functional dichotomy within the track – Clova takes you to a galaxy far far away, and then ST slams your ass back into the dirt.

In other SMS-related news, DB49 hasn’t been napping either. They are in fact working their asses of on the rapidly approaching Happy Hour. Huntsville documentarian Steven Trillsburg was invited to commit some of their efforts to visual history. Here is some of the resulting footage.

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