VIDEO: G-Side – 1.1.11 commercial

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1.1.11 commercial from Lawrence and Clark on Vimeo.

The art of John Turner Jr, now in…. Slow Motion (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun). Anyway, here is a short commercial for G-side’s new album, coming on 1.1.11. The clip gives new life to some of the album art leaked over the past few weeks via the new SMS site and Hunstville Got Starz and brings a new dimension to the album’s promotional strategy devised by Codie G. It also serves as an introduction to the media production duo of Lawrence and Clark, the talent behind the aforementioned new website and creators of some crazy shit I can’t even show you yet. Please keep checking for updates on which will feature exclusive SMS related content not available anywhere else.

For a little bonus, here’s a re-up of G-Side’s Dreamz. I originally posted this song back in February, but it seems like an appropriate soundtrack as the group’s stature rises and the work on the new album continues with ever increasing momentum.

DOWNLOAD: G-Side – Dreamz

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