VIDEO: A fan made title sequence for the Bobby Digital movie

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Bobby Digital Movie Titles from Travis Hopkins on Vimeo.

Back in 1998, The RZA released the soundtrack to a movie that would never come to fruition: “Bobby Digital In Stereo.” This short video is what I imagine the opening title sequence for that unfinished film would look like.

Much of the footage is sampled from other talented photographers and artist on Vimeo. All graphic elements and film effects where created by myself.

This was strictly created for artistic purposes.

– Travis Hopkins

Travis is wrong about the movie itself since much like Santa and talking M&Ms it does exist. But he’s got everything else right. This is a really well done, obviously influenced by classic 70s b-movies but not achingly retro. It’s especially timely now, in the age when the art of the title sequence has all but stagnated (aside from a few notable exceptions like Catch Me If You Can) It’s cool but kinda sad too that we live in an age where dyi fan made productions are sometimes more impressive than those made by paid professionals.

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