VIDEO: 0017th – That’s On Errthang / DJ Frane – I Am Dreaming

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Moneyworth premiered 0017th’s video on The FADER today. I’m not familiar with the group but it’s a good song with a good ‘local color’ video to match. What really caught my ear, and surprised the shit out of me, was the beat. I’m about 95.7% certain these guys are rapping over DJ Frane’s “I Am Dreaming”.
The significance of this is more personal than global. “I Am Dreaming” comes from Electric Garden Of Delights, a wildly underrated instrumental album which was a bit ahead of its time when it was released in 2003 and still holds up well now. I discovered it during the early golden days of Soulseek, and it soundtracked many many bong hits during my early 20s. I always believed this album to be virtually unknown (outside of the Bay Area maybe.) But I guess somebody from New Orleans heard it too. Now I’m really curious if 0017th ever used anything else by DJ Frane. It’s probably a stretch but who knows… the guy made a lot of great beats.
Miraculously, the entire Electric Garden Of Delights is available via bandcamp. Here is “I Am Dreaming”, I’d highly recommend the rest of it as well.


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