Vanderslice – The Big Gold Instrumentals

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A collection of Vanderslice beats put together on one album for you. If you’re a fan of “Everybody’s Birthday” off the Philaflava Project then you might want to check this out.

Vanderslice – The Big Gold Instrumentals

1.) Intro
2.) Make Believe
3.) Drifting With The Tide
4.) Action Music
5.) La Violenza
6.) Fall From Grace
7.) Triple Beam Theme
8.) Stunt Double
9.) Sparks Fly
10.) Phoenixville Nights
11.) This is Me
12.) Never Break Me
13.) Hard to Manage
14.) Playa From the Himilayas
15.) Get it in
16.) Stop the Show

Download Big Gold Instrumentals

The Big Gold Instrumentals is a collection of beats, some released and some unreleased compiled from Vanderslices beatvideosfound on In addition, it also contains various songs released in the past few months in an effort to help promote Rob Viktum’s label

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