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You’re staring into the face of freedom. Jenny Block decorated her vagina and the areas around it. It’s a beautifying process involving women accessorizing their vaginas. This is the tantalizing headline:

Fox on Sex: Vajazzling: Do You Dare to Decorate ‘Down There?’

Do you have a boner, too? Per the article the celebrity pioneer in this case is Jennifer Love “I was on “Party of 5″ and have cellulite” Hewitt (or J-Love if you’re fetch enough). On a recent press junket to promote her pile of shit they call a TV show, “The Ghost Whisperer”, she effusively extolled the joy of Vajazzling:

Jennifer Love Hewitt recently decorated her nether regions with Swarovski crystals, turning her naughty bits into — her words — a “pink disco ball.”

And here we are today. I, like most of you, have an affinity for vagina. While I applaud any effort that enhances the vagina, can you stick to a purse and some earrings, girl?


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