Union – Coco Mango feat. DOOM & RA the Rugged Man (Maticulous RMX)

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The continuous permutations of ‘Coco Mango’ are slightly puzzling considering the song is not exactly top shelf DOOM. But I suppose in the absence of more new material we gotta make the most of the scarce shreds we’re given. All versions of this track are still better than those shitty half-assed Sitek remixes, so I’m not complaining. This is the fourth take on it (as far as I know), put together by Maticulous and strongly benefited by a verse from the also rarely seen Rugged Man.

If you’re not familiar with the other versions, the original and the highly promoted Damu remix with Insight are streaming HERE. My favorite so far though is the OTHER Damu remix, currently available only as a b-side on this vinyl single. The streaming snippet below is all I could find of it in digital form.
STREAM: UNION – Coco Mango (Redef Boyscout Remix) (feat. MF Doom).
Via Kevin Nottingham, MOOVMNT and other internet points of interest.

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