U.G. (Cella Dwellas) x IDE X Skavenger

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If you’re like me you’ve probably been wandering whatever happened to Phan and UG from the Cella Dwellas. This Flatbush duo just had crazy chemistry together and always had a stellar production team behind them. Nick Wiz. Large Professor, Ayatollah and Rockwilder just to name a few. Recently we’ve seen U.G. pop-up on a few collabos like Riot off General Steele’s album and many of our T.R.O.Y. heads will recall the Nick Wiz compliation Cella Sounds that came out a few years ago. But what’s up with the new shit? Well the wait is over.

Upon checking out Addicted To The Vision I came across two tracks from U.G. that just restored my faith in the hip-hop I miss. If you need to taste the product first those tracks are available to stream and download. Don’t sleep! –Philaflava

Addicted Flyer-WEB

U.G. – Beat Yo Ass

U.G. – My Soldiers feat. General Steele & Casual

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