Tyga Is Kinda Good

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Interesting case here. I immediately dismissed Tyga after hearing “Coconut Juice” (which is one of the worst songs in music history) and completely ignored him on the terrible Dedication 3. Since then I have taken the time to listen to two of his newer tracks… and they are pretty great. Perhaps my ignorance has put me in a position to see progress that doesn’t exist, but the kid seems to be repenting for his sins. “The Nausea” is original in subject matter and his completely unoriginal Eminem flow is actually pretty nice. “Heaven Or Hell” casts Tyga as a non-schizophrenic man’s center field Lil B. Maybe Tyga has been a good rapper this whole time and I’m the asshole, but I will be checking for him from here on out. Shouts to Ill Will & Rockstar.

The Nausea

Heaven or Hell (Gotta Make It)

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