Two Good New NY Rap Songs With One Superfluous Verse In Each

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Meyhem Lauren & Buckwild – Street Hop ft. Troy Ave & RetcH

Might be a petty complaint, but I’m not feeling RetcH’s nasal voice on this at all. Cool song otherwise, Meyhem’s project with Buckwild seems to be shaping up nicely.
J-Love – Glorified Excellence ft. Ghostface Killah & Cormega

As soon as you saw the title, you already knew. J-Love makes good beats and puts together great mixtapes, but as far as rapping… like I said, you already know. He’s not to completely terrible here, just wildly outclassed. When Ghost raps things like ‘Breezly Bruin ice, that’s my new slogan’, you should probably just get out of the way.
J-Love song via Egotrip.

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