Turf Talk & Mistah FAB “Bay Boy”

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DJ Fresh is straight freaking this post-disco-ish shit as of late. Turf crushes here. This’ll be on the next album, Return Of The Jedi. For what its worth, I could go the rest of my life without hearing FAB again.

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One Response to “Turf Talk & Mistah FAB “Bay Boy””

  1. done says:

    yeh been playon this song all day its great. whos that corny dude who comes first on the hook tho? sounds like hes tryna do that old-school kool moe dee flow and just ends up soundin like a 70year old white radio announcer. or ted williams.

    why do all these great bay rappers keep puttin fab on songs? he near ruined that one song off tear gas too

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