Toro Y Moi Chopped & Screwed Is Some Trippy Shit

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Sometime around mid-November 2012, Mishka’s Ray The Destroyer made a curious discovery. In his own words:

Screwed up, Toro Y Moi feels a lot less like modern “indie” music and more like a lost gem from the days of dudes like Isaac Hayes and Earth Wind and Fire getting way into ancient aliens and Egyptian mythology. Shit is kinda jazzy, but with the screw the psychedelia gets highlighted. It’s mood music—no Joe Budden—but has enough groove that you could might, maybe throw it on late at night and sync it up to Dolemite 2.

I was skeptical when I read that description, but morbid curiousity drove me to click on the provided link. And you know what, Ray was right. When slowed down, Underneath The Pine really does often bear resemblance to some lost artifact from psychedelia’s golden salad days.
Fast forward to today, a new Toro Y Moi chop appears courtesy of the C&S wizard SlimK. SlimK is not the same person who did Underneath The Pine, that was Kp’Da Truth. SlimK’s remix is a bit more complicated, and the results sound more modern. But the results are ultimately similar, the slowdown serves to enhance the psychedelic properties of the original song. Which is pretty much what the C&S is supposed to accomplish anyway. So… roll up.

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