Tindersticks – Hubbard Hills (taken from Eastbound And Down Season 2 Episode 3)

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I know absolutely nothing about this band or their work, but the use of this song in last Sunday’s Eastbound and Down (end scene at the carnival) absolutely slayed me so I had to dig it up. The song is incredibly cinematic, shades of Morricone and John Barry all over it, it feels like it was actually intended to be a part of a larger movie score. I gotta check out the rest of the album it was taken from, maybe it’s one of those ‘soundtrack for a movie that doesn’t exist’ kind of things.

DOWNLOAD: Tindersticks – Hubbard Hills

A small nerdy aside – the moment this song and the accompanying montage started I realized this was a David Gordon Green episode. Jody Hill does plenty of similar sequences but they’re all played for laughs, Green is much more likely to try for poignancy as was the case here.

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