Three Reasons Why You Should Listen To LUV NY

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As expected, I’ve been enjoying the hell out of LUV NY. However I’ve neglected to post anything about it since the album was released, a big oversight on my part. Luckily the album has been getting some good press without my help. Still, I’d like to throw my support in as well. In lieu of boring you with a mostly gushing review, here are the 3 songs from the album I like best. If you like these, go grab it immediately. If you don’t like them go drink a keg of Moet and learn how to make choices.
‘Pressure Up’ Ft. Kool Keith and Roc Marciano – This one got some well deserved love as a leaked single. A great verse from Marciano is all but expected at this point, but Keith kinda maybe steals the show. In general Keith sounds very invigorated in his verses on the album, it’s some of his best recent work. DL link via NahRight

‘Egyptology’ Ft. A.G. & Roc Marciano – My favorite song on the album, and a strong contender for one of my favorites of the year thus far. That beat is just exquisite. At this point A.G. has a lot of experience with Ray West, so he settles into the groove like it’s an old luxurious armchair that he has owned for years. Roc Marci is again just doing what he does best.

Extreme Status Ft. A.G. & Kool Keith – Everything I wrote about A.G. and Kool Keith above applies to this track as well.

For more about this album you can read a great comprehensive interview with Ray West HERE, or our Phila friend Bengi’s review of the entire album HERE.

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