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No links. No embedded clips. These are just my thoughts, yo! –Philaflava

(Amerie has noting to do with this post. I just like to look at her)

10. This years version of Blu (every blogs favorite rapper) is Freddie Gibbs. Pill made noise too but he’ll probably be next years Freddie Gibbs once the others catch on.

09. Cam’Ron better bring it this year and stop being chintzy with beats. Nobody wants to hear him rap over generic beats again. Save that for Hell Rell.

08. Anyone else feel bad that Dres from Black Sheep now has to go by “Black Sheep Dres” to make a comeback? Sad when you think about it. Remember when Blahzay Blahzay’s OutLoud tried to make a comeback a few years ago and renamed himself “Blahzay Blah?”

07. Rappers should take cues from MF Doom. Don’t Seth Rogen yourself. Disappear for a few years and then comeback with heat.

06. Ras Kass just doesn’t get it. He never will.

05. If Gang Starr is never going to happen can Premier at least link up with somebody that won’t waste his beats? How about an entire album with Devin The Dude or even Cormega?

04. Jadakiss will never drop an album that matches his potential. He will always be a guest appearance guy.

03. Tiger Woods will be the most name-dropped athlete in 2010 and if I was a betting man Budden will probably reference him first.

02. The new Clipse album Til the Casket Drops is not that good. It contains unnecessary hooks, dumb downed lyrics and Timberland knock-off beats. Rick Rubin never would have allowed this album to come out. Pharrell did not bring it, Khalil did.

01. For a guy who hasn’t dropped an album in years, it’s pretty impressive that Big Boi has managed to make the best songs for the last two years (Royal Flush, Shine Blockas, Fo Yo Sorrows)

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