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1. So is the OFWGKTA honeymoon over? Maybe not yet but the writing is on the wall. While they’ve become everyone’s favorite internet phenomenon this year; restoring faith in all the aging dinosaurs and helping a legion white angst Gleaming The Cube watching Z-boys get back on their boards with a Terry Kennedy shirt on, the fact remains each passing day Tyler continues to alienate his dollars. Many have compared them to Wu-Tang, though Odd Future is more like a group with a Ghostface, a Rae and a bunch of U-Gods. Prodigy wasn’t this much of a yenta during the trife life days of 4th & B’wy Tyler stays fucking up his Good Charlotte remix money with each his ridiculous diatribe about labels, bloggers, fans, people over the age of 18, people under the age of 18, you name it. Tyler talks so much like a broad he could be a stand-in for The View anytime Joy is sick.

I like Tyler, I have liked most of the OF release too, but it’s painful to see somebody handle success so poorly so fast. Staying true is great. Remaining loyal to friends, fans and your music is inspiring, but he he is slowing going to turn into this years Eli Porter with wit, charisma and Spock ears if he doesn’t pump his brakes. Saying faggot as many times as Vinnie Paz or his infatuation with over-enunciating nigger or constantly reminding us 2DopeBoyz snubbed them isn’t going to take them to the finish line. OF needs Earl to come home quick before the ship sails. Swag out!

2. Now that Devin The Dude has made a decent album since 2007 (Waiting To Inhale) is it cool to replace him with Curren$y?

3. In 2012 I have absolutely no desire to listen to anyone from Hieroglyphics not named Casual. What Cas needs to do is bounce the fuck from that team and link up with the Mob Figaz boys. Imagine a Casual album produced by Jake One, Alchemist, Droop-E, Traxamillion and maybe the SD50’s for old times?

4. Jay-Z’s interviews > Jay-Z’s verses lately

5. The greatest diss this year wasn’t in a form of a record, rather a Tweet. Jay Electronica simply annihilates Puffy with just a few lines of truth. Exposing Puff yet again to the opportunist, back-peddling snake that he is.

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