The Talon Man

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The Talon Man himself delivered a copy of his Mush debut Unapologetic Art Rap to my Gmail yesterday (nh). I’m jazzercised seeing as how OME is one of a handful of West Coasters I keep tabs on (nh). Expect a review from Pimployee inside of the next week at the latest.

A blast from the past:

“Career Advice”

“The Ballad of Netty”

“The Financial Crisis”

Another Roadside Attraction (EP)

1. Bloody Show
2. Career Advice
3. The Ballad of Netty Armstrong
4. Combustible Party Truck ft. Rift Napalm, Rogue Venom & Nocando
5. The Shoulder Shrug
6. Gratefultude
7. Sacrifices
8. The Financial Crisis Song (We’re in a Recession/Beat-theft Mix) Stolen from Bullion

Another Roadside Attraction EP


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