The Philaflava Project

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Last April both Alaska and myself got the idea to put together a compilation of some of the rappers and producers found on Philaflava. We gave you a taste a few months back with Our Rappers Are Better Than Yours comp, but this project was different, it’s unique and all home-grown. We hand picked submitted beats from producers and matched them with rappers we felt were best suited for this project.

The Philaflava Project’s purpose is to showcase the  array of talents you’ll find on Philaflava. While this doesn’t showcase all the talents found on our website, it definitely gives you a good idea of what we have to offer. If you’re unfamiliar with an artist I strongly encourage you to ask your best friend Google about them. All them would be more than happy to provide you information about their own projects, tours or even build should you feel there is an opportunity.

Our main aim is to bring awareness to both the producers and the emcees involved on this project. While feedback is strongly suggested and definitely appreciated, spreading the word and this album (pass on the links) are most important. Thanks to all the parties involved. Thanks to Alaska & Chace Random for helping make sure this really came out and thanks to Strategy for taking the time-out in tagging all the tracks. Enjoy! –Philaflava

The Philaflava Project


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Please leave feedback in either the Philaflava thread or on this post. Which was your favorite track? Favorite beat? Favorite verse?

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