The Pendletons – Waiting On You Ft. Myron & E

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I’ve been trying to track this one down in mp3 form for almost a year, it’s a b-side to The Pendletons’ incredibly rare and obscure ‘Coming Down’ 7″ released sometime in 2010. The Pendletons are E Da Boss and Trailer Limon, an elusive production duo from the bay area specializing in electro-tinged funk and soul. I’m basing the previous statement on the very scarce shreds of info and music I’ve managed to dig up, so for all I know it might actually be wrong. But regardless, this collision of smooth falsetto singing courtesy of Myron & E and a screwed down ‘Glow Of Love’ sample is undeniably great.
DOWNLOAD: The Pendletons – Waiting On You Ft. Myron & E


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