The Outfit, TX – Cognac / Four Corner Room

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Following the awesome Starships & Rockets: Cooly Fooly Space Age Funk, The Outfit, TX plot an ambitious move – a five album series called Texan Chronicles, started with two solo albums by members Mel and Dorian; released jointly today.
Mel raps alone throughout Cognac, and shares the production duties with Dorian. Four Cornered Room is entirely Dorian’s creation. This strategy works to highlight their individual strengths; Mel is an engaging rapper, Dorian is a very polished producer. These guys prove themselves to be capable when separated, there is some great music here. Unfortunately their individual seams also show more in this partitioned setting, and even though these solo efforts are enjoyable, I find myself missing The Outfit’s group dynamic. It feels now like the specific combination of their talents is what made their last album such a huge favorite for me. I appreciate the unique voices they showcase here, there is a lot I like about them, but at the same time I hope their future work is more collaborative.


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