The Niyat – Recycle Bin (mixtape)

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This mixtape is presented by FWMJ.

Just listen to it, the natural talent at work is plenty obvious. Sure, the ‘us vs the rap industry’ mentality and subject matter are well tread, but The Niyat sells it with a dedicated unyieldingly angry attitude – these guys actually sound like they take this shit personally, instead of chanting protest against mediocrity as an easy catchall mantra. It also helps that unlike MANY other lyrically intensive rappers this group is very proficient at picking beats, with selections just strong enough to avoid plodding but not so distinct as to take the focus away from the words. The mixing of the project is a bit rough, it never surpasses the feel of being a loose collection of tracks, but then again I don’t think they were trying to make a proper album either. It’s more of an exercise in craft than an artistic statement, and as such it’s tremendously entertaining.

Tracklist with production credits is below the jump.


1. “Hammer & Nails” (Produced by Hakim) feat Dology, Snap, B-Boy, Tabu, Synato Watts
2. “A Warning” (Produced by Mirawge) feat Snap
3. “Henchmen” (over production by Dr. Dre) feat Snap, B-boy, Dology, Synato Watts
4. “Starvin Artists” (Produced by Charlemagne) feat Snap, Synato Watts
5. “Not The Same” (Produced by DJ Cozmos) feat Snap, B-Boy
6. “MK ULTRA Reject” (over production by Jake One) feat Tabu
7. “Look At Me Now” (Produced by Mirawge) feat Mirawge
8. “Hardworkin” (Produced by I.V. League) feat Synato Watts, Tabu, Dology, Snap
9. “Yeah Yes” (over production by Alchemist) feat Snap
10. “Most Used” (Produced by Mirawge) feat Synato Watts
11. “The Look In Your Eye” (Produced by Mirawge) feat Cabar, Rum
12. “Gotcha!” (Produced by Mirawge) feat Snap, Synato Watts
13. “Colonized” (Prover production by Dr. Dre) feat Snap, B-Boy
14. “Poster Child” (Produced by I.V. League) feat Synato Watts
15. “Watch What You Say” (Produced by Charlemagne) feat Snap, Synato Watts
16. “Hyde The Jekle” (over production by J-Dilla) feat Synato Watts, Snap
17. “Age Of Apocalypse” (Produced by The ARE) feat Tabu
18. “Last Days” (Produced by Dockmini) feat Praphecy, Big Shang, Tabu, Minus, Synato Watts, Mavrik, Snap, Big Ruk

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