The Morlocks & DJ Phonetics – “A Trip To The Moon”

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The given description:

On this project, The Morlocks unleash a psychedelic kaleidescope of lunatic imagery. Mad Cee, Simp 7, and Gist are on a mission as they travel through the 4th Dimension, and devouring you is part of the master plan. You’re as likely to be torn asunder on the spot before being taken below as you to be dragged down, kicking and screaming for further experimentation. It’s the act of being taken captive and consumed by these cannibals that will transform you into something capable of traveling through space and time. Your first stop: The Moon. Where you go from there is up to you.

Definitely screams “VIRIGIN!!!” more than “PHOENIX!!!!”, but I’ve heard nothing except positive things about both parties. And it isn’t like Illinois is lacking a solid track record. The Morlocks lounge hear and DJ Phonetics maxxes hear. If you dig this I recommend clicking the links to their respective MySpace pages as there are some other things to download.

A Trip To The Moon


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