The HuntsVillan

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If you didn’t already know, his haters help in his quest for stardom. Continuing in the tradition of Illy, Next-Level, Paste Freestylez the HuntsVillan pulls no punches from jump street:

Punchlines are sick, swine flu’s even sicker, well i got em both and i can handle liquor, look at your dick and i bet mines bigger, im so black in the pants its a pussy killer, and i beat it up…but you beat it down…slice that fuckers throat and i put em in the ground, I drink red bull…so I have wings…bitch gives me energy…ya know what i mean..

If you’re brave enough, you can read the transcript of this display of lyricality by clicking. Shakespearean in its substance, no doubt. Jay Electronica is shook.


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