The Greatest & Most Comprehensive Native Tongues List You’ll Ever Read

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Our big brother (no, not B.I.G.’s brother) T.R.O.Y. dropped ether on the internet today. In collaboration with Marc Ecko’s Complex they came up with not 50, but 100 of the Greatest Native Tongues Songs of All-Time. No bias, well maybe a little, this is easily the most comprehensive NT list ever in existence. Our favorite Complex list to date. But we’re not being too bias. –Philaflava

Click to read The TROY Blog Presents 100 Greatest Native Tongues Songs

…beyond their flamboyant presentation and bohemian sensibility, the Native Tongues were about constructing haunting, beautiful songs out of the fuzzy, bassy, scratchy, nearly forgotten remnants of virtually every black American musical tradition that ever seduced mainstream audiences. With a focus on the core members, we got the good folks from The T.R.O.Y. Blog to figure out The 100 Greatest Native Tongues Songs…

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